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About: Where I post music photos, audio, and, video that I'm fond of.
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My Brightest Diamond : Until Now | Free Music Download


New Music! Free download! (sorry guys…I was on mobile)

One little tidbit: new album forthcoming in Fall 2014!


Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams

Rhye | 3 Days

The Antlers | Two (End of the Road Festival 2012)

The Revival Hour | Hold Back (Official video)

(Source: lesconcertsenphotos.blogspot.com)


You can now preview the beautiful new Keaton Henson album Birthdays and view an illustration created by a different artist specifically for each song. The record will be in stores across North America this April 9th

El Parlante Amarillo interview with Peter Silberman.

(Source: thesufjanstevensmodel5000 / Tumblr Ghetto)

Keaton Henson performing “You” for The Line of Best Fit.

Recently posted video of an old 2010 session with the band playing Sylvia, Bear, and Shiva.


John said something last night that really stuck with me. He said “This song is for anyone who ever worshiped the devil. (some scattered cheering) No. If you’ve ever really felt in league with the devil, it isn’t nice. It isn’t fun. You make it fun. You make lemonade. When in league with the devil, make lemonade. I don’t mean the fun devil, the oppositional force that’s just ‘like what everyone says not to’. I mean the devil that lives inside of you and makes you feel bad about yourself. Bad enough to not leave the room. The door opens and you have to leave the room. We all worship the devil for awhile. But you have to leave the room. This song is called ‘In Memory of Satan’.”

(via heisenbergsays)

Crybaby | Veils

The Antlers | Drift Dive (live at WFUV)